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When working with arts, there might not be right and wrong way for doing things. Still it can be done well or poorly.

I'm an audio engineer born in 1992. Despite my young age i have over 15 years experience with music and sound. I gratuated from PKKY Outokumpu, program of Sound Production, with full grades in 2015.

In my work, i value customer service the most. Pleasant, comfortable atmosphere and effectiveness are a couple things i'm always trying to maintain. I dont restrict myself by creating rules or dogmas that could limit my work. I do everything to serve the end product.

I have a wide experience in music and audio. I can provide my customer an effortless, yet very efficient recording session and high quality post production; mixing and mastering. I'm also capable of helping you out with the production side of things. Ask for a quote, no matter if your needs constist of just a small audio tweak, a large production from start to end or even acoustic planning for your studio-/rehearsal space!

What i offer:

- Music production, recording, mixing and mastering.

- Sound post-production for video productions.

- Recording and mixing sound advertisement.

- Acoustic planning and consulting for studio- and rehearsal spaces.


I mostly work from my home studio space which is located in Iidesranta, right by the Tampere city centre. The equipment selection constists of things i've aquired trough a very long time like Amphion and Genelec speakers and a wide array of quality microphones and preamps. In my work, i use standard pro audio software alongside of analogue equipment.

When needed i can move to a location of your liking where i'm capable of recording simultaneously 24 microphone inputs. Please bear in mind i need a few extra pairs of hands when setupping in a location.
For a larger session there's multiple professional studios around Finland at my disposal at very reasonable rates. Please ask for more info!


Click the link below to listen to my selected works on Spotify!

Opaali - On Gang ft. Roof Gang
ORW Inc. 2020

Mixing and mastering.

Sepi Kumpulainen - Armollista Menoa
Playground Music 2020


Radio Supernova - Eroosio
Soit Se Silti 2021

Drum recording, mixing.

Mika Rämä - Kauko-vainaan laudat

Äänitys, miksaus & masterointi.

boi borzoi - Blue Dunes


Versus Radio - Beat your dancing to
Kasettipesä Oy 2018

Recording, mixing and mastering.

Ventovieras & 42s - Kivinen Tie

Mixing and mastering.

Polymoon - Malamalama
Svart Records 2020


Jankan Eläinpuisto - Jää Varjo
Tuore Records 2020

Vocal recording, mixing.

Eero Marila - Rangaistus


Enslavery - Totalitarian


Fimir - Mausoleum Craft
Argonauta Records 2021


Distral - Rinse & Repeat

Mixing and mastering.

Max Vola - Hyeenat Syö Kyyneleitä


Lucy Frantic - Endless Greed


OG Tiputus, Juju, Kalle Kinos, Rymy-Eetu,
Sere, Silkinpehmee  - Saifferi

Mixing and mastering.

Yoldia - Abra Afterglow



Amphion One18 + Amphion Amp100
Genelec 6010A
TC Electronic BMC-2 DAC
Sennheiser HD-600

Universal Audio Apollo Quad Thunderbolt
Audient ASP800 x2
Analogue Addicts 60's Tube Preamp

Pro Tools 2019
Brainworx, UAD, Fabfilter, Celestion, Audified, DMG,
Soundtoys, Oeksound, Waves plug-ins
Hofa CD-Burn.DDP.Master
TC Electronic Clarity M

IGS Tubecore 3U Mastering Edition
Nuclear Audio VCA Buss Compressor
Revox A77HS 1976

Telefunken TF39
Shure SM7B
Gefell M3OO x2
Oktava MK-219 x2
Oktava MK-012 x2
Bang & Olufsen BM6 60's
Beyer M260 60's
...and a lot of others.


My space is capable of recording smaller, more quiter instruments such as vocals, acoustic stringed instruments, low wattage amps, line level signals and percussion in a very high quality.

For a larger production i'm capable of setting up in a location or studio. Please take note that there might be travelling-, acommodation and rental expenses that will add up.

Recording in my space: starting from 25€ + VAT per hour.

Location recording: ask for a quote!

Studio recording in a third party studio: ask for a quote!

Ask for a quote using the submission form underneath!


When mixing or mastering i'm most comfortable at my own space. High end monitoring combined with acoustically treated, familiar space and other tools of my liking gives me the opportunity to be creative and get the most out of the source material.

I often mix material i've recorded, ask for a quote!

The price of the mixing is subject to the project details such as; song count and length, total count of audio tracks, how and where the material was recorded. Mix rate includes two free mix revisions, if not discussed otherwise.

Mixing doesn't include editing or tuning, such as Melodyne, Autotune etc. If they're needed, please discuss them when asking for a quote!

Ask for a quote and instruction for sending material using the submission form underneath!


Quite often i master my own mixes, too. Ask for a combined pricing! 

Of course i do mastering for mixes done by other people. The final end product will be delivered in a digital format of your choosing.

- 35 € + VAT per single (1-2 songs)
- 30  + VAT per song / EP (3-6 songs)
- 25 € + VAT per song / Album (7+ songs)

The pricing is for songs under six minutes long. For longer tracks, please ask!

Mastering for vinyl: 5 € + VAT extra per song
DDP-file: 25€ + VAT
Stem-mastering, alternative versions(instrumentals)/edits etc.: + 5 € + VAT per stem/edit/version


Other sound- or planning work

Sound post-production or acoustical planning: ask for a quote!

Starting from 35€ + VAT per hour.


Ask for a quote!

Every project is different and priced individually. Fill out your contact information and tell me about your project, and i'll get back to you with a quote!

You can always send a message or call me, if you have anything on your mind considering file transfer, your project or anything that raises questions or doubt. The easiest way is to use this form, but you'll also find the phone number on the bottom of the page.

Contact me! Let's do your next project well!


Iidesranta, Tampere 33100
(Ask for the visiting- or postal address) 


+358 50 406 2535 (Call, whatsapp, text message)


(Hox! When using the email, please be aware that the "contact." is a part of my email address and should be included into the working email address! )

Instagram: @hakanenjanne


VAT-number: FI30985349

Photos: Teemu Tanhua